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Subject Matter Expert

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) in coastal, riverine and wetland processes.
  • SME in causes and effects of erosion and accretion around facilities both in-water and on the shoreline.
  • SME in the statutory, regulatory and policy requirements for Federal funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as they pertain to coastal and in-water facilities.

Project Management

  • Managing large scale design projects from planning and conceptual design through to production of construction documents
  • Managing projects and planning processes for waterfront and in-water projects

Project Development

  • Evaluating existing facilities and identifying repair/maintenance/improvement requirements
  • Identifying project criteria/requirements and client/stakeholder goals
  • Developing preliminary solutions and design alternatives
  • Cost Estimating and Scheduling
  • Alternatives Analyses
  • Validating preferred alternative and developing scope, schedule and cost

Programmatic Planning and Process Development

  • Developing quantifiable metrics and tools for use in defining facility programs and planning facilities or facility improvements
  • Tailoring design processes for organizations

Analysis of Hydraulic Flows in Sedimentary and Vegetative systems

  • Analyzing erosion/accretion in channels and inlets
  • Analyzing and designing wetlands for treatment and restoration

Disaster Preparation and Recovery

  • Developing grant documentation for disaster recovery under the auspices of the Stafford Act, the Code of Federal Regulations Title 44 and the 9500 Series Policy Documents
  • Assisting communities and local and state agencies with planning for disasters and disaster response

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